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French Island Self Drive Tours Terms and Conditions

French Island has only dirt roads that offer many hazards to inexperienced drivers. These conditions apply because of our unique circumstances and because of the many added expenses incurred from Island living. So, please drive slowly and safely to protect you, your passengers, French Islanders and our magnificent wildlife that are not familiar with traffic.

Hire car must only be driven on Roads marked in BLACK on the French Island Self Drive Tours Tour Map and NOT on tracks, Tankerton Jetty, Beaches, French Island National Park, or Private land or driveways.

The Driver of the French Island Self Drive Tour’s car must be over 25 years old and hold a full drivers license and has not been refused insurance in the past 5 years.

The holder of the photo driver’s license sent to French Island Self Drive Tours,( to identify the driver of the hire vehicle), accepts liability for damage to the hire vehicle while the vehicle is in their control, plus additional expenses including:

1)Barge Fees of $250 to have the car moved to the mainland for repair.

2)Towing fees of $750 if the car cannot drive safely.

3) 4 days lost hire income of 4 x $250 totaling $1000.

Children's car seats are provided but must be fitted by the customer. French Island Self Drive Tours will NOT be found liable for incorrect fitting.

If an accident occurs and Dashcam footage proves innocence and the driver was under the 60km speed limit imposed on French Island, and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, French Island Self Drive Tours will recover $1000 excess and deem the damage an accident.

If the Dash Cam has been switched off or footage removed, the driver will be deemed liable for the entire damage.

Repair costs will be billed to the Driver on the Photo ID License and if payment is not received the debt will be forwarded to a debt collector or Agency.

Damage to the vehicles costs:

Any corner panel: $2500

Frontal damage: $3000

Rear window door: $3500

Each Door: $1800

Bonnet: $2000

Roof: $3000

Undercarriage / exhaust: $3000

Windscreen: $1200

Each tyre: $600

Interior damage: $1000 plus (assessment needed)

Interior Door Handles: $250

Exterior Door Handle: $250

Back Lights: $500

Front Lights: $500

Indicator/Wiper switch: $250

Driving in French Island National Park or on Beaches : $1000

Driving on Tankerton Jetty (unless for Care Giving): $200

Bogged: Charge decided by the organised tow driver.

French Island Self Drive Tours Cancellation Policy

Customers will be refunded if Westernport Ferries have cancelled more than one ferry on the day of booking.


French Island Self Drive Tours reserves the right to cancel bookings if French Island roads are deemed dangerous due to bad weather, or a car is deemed unsafe for travel, or is no longer available due to accident or mechanical failure.

If a customer's cancellation is received 14 days or more prior to booking a full refund minus 10% costs will be issued. After this time unless a valid reason is forthcoming monies paid will be forfeited.

If a Covid lockdown is instigated. All money paid for bookings in the affected period will be reimbursed. 

Thanks, French Island Self Drive Tours Management.

The driver must agree to these conditions before the booking is accepted. Thank You.

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